Visualization Mastery 101: Recorded Live Tele-series Class

Listen in on a pre-recorded visualization class. Learn what visualization is and how to use it effectively. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Use visualization to begin the life changes you desire.
  • Understand what visualization is and the supporting role it plays in manifestation.
  • Identify the most common mistakes people make that keep their visions from turning into experiences.
  • Stop making the same mistakes when trying to turn a vision into reality.
  • Shorten the time between idea inception and idea realization.


  • There are no prerequisites for this class. However, if you are new to visualization classes, please come with an open mind. Take the information that works for you and simply leave all the rest.


This course is precisely what the title implies: a recording of a live teleseries class held in June, 2015.

It’s for you if you want to create changes in life using the power of a imaginationand … understand the true process of manifestation.

Listenin TO A PREVIOUSLY RECORDED CALLas students learn what visualization is, why it’s the first critical step in the achievement of any result and how to use visualization effectively to stimulate changepersonally and professionally.

Enroll today to:

  • Uncover what visualization is and how to super charge your visions so they actually manifest.
  • Learn why you can’t seem to make changes faster.
  • Transform your stuck visions into tangible experiences.
  • Experience real people working through ideas in a tangible, practical way.
  • Reap the rewards only live classroom learning provides as it unfolds in real time, learn from the work others have already done and be inspired by the ideas that occur naturally in open conversation.
  • Make getting outcomes you love part of your everyday experience.
  • Discover what NOT to do when visualizing and what keeps a person stuck.

The students in these recording are diverse in age (from early 20’s to 70’s), gender, ethnicity, income levels, religions and beliefs. Some have extensive experience with using visualization to improve goal achievement and life success and others have no experience.

As a participant in this Udemy course, you get the unique perspective of looking over the shoulders of others who have gone before you. Learn from their successes and mistakes to ensure your dreams happen faster.

Dreaming … using your imagination … visualization … is NOT just for kids. It’s also not a skill that you can afford to overlook as trivial or unnecessary.

Enroll now with the click of a button.

Due to the low qualtyof the call recording (it was recorded on freeconferencecalling), this class is free. There is nothing I can do to alter the recording. Please know that going in and consider it before enrolling. If you decide to review the class, please review it on the material and not the recording quality.

****PLEASE NOTE: All students (of the live, recorded class) gave their written permission for these recording to be used as an Udemy on-line educational course. Only their first names are revealed and their identities are kept confidential.****

Author(s): Allison Sutter, Accelerate Your Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Ignite Intuition, Shake off Fear, and Unleash the Real You

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