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Intended for anyone who wants/needs to do live sound at a basic level, for small gigs, events or church

Learn how to write a rap verse and finish it within an hour. - Free Course

40+ hours Complete Piano & Music Course with over 25,000 Students. Learn how to play the Piano, Chords, Scales & More

Learn about signal flow and why it is important to learn as an audio engineer - Free Course

Rock & Roll using 8th and 16th note combinations and 1/4 note Rock playing the ride on the (&s). - Free Course

Quick 3 Week Guitar Course to get you started playing guitar. - Free Course

Absolute Basics of Guitar! What you need to know before the basics! - Free Course

Learn the basics of setting up, creating music and Music Production in Logic Pro X Today! - Free Course

Piano Lessons For Beginners in 30 Minutes - Free Course

Start learning cello today, and get unlimited personalized feedback!

How To Install Wordpress On Your Doman And How To Configure Basic Pages. - Free Course

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