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You know that feeling when someone asks you "let's play something" and you just don't know what to play? NOT ANYMORE!

The only beginners course that'll teach you how to play all of YOUR favorite songs + 36 shortcuts, hacks, tips & tricks

A guide to know what to look for when purchasing a violin, and how to gear up according to your needs and possibilities. - Free Course

Play Everything with a Rock-Solid Sense of Time; Learn how to GROOVE with Songs; CONNECT with the Rhythm Section.

Rock & Roll using 8th and 16th note combinations and 1/4 note Rock playing the ride on the (&s). - Free Course

Start Using Your THUMB From Above the Neck: Play CLEANER and More Precisely & Unlock the Pro Rock N' Roll Sound.

Granular Synthesis

Learn to read music in 10 easy-to-understand lectures, taking you from beginner to advanced. - Free Course

Learn the basics of your Pioneer gear and get familiar with it! - Free Course

Making it in the music industry is hard, but with the help of social media sites like YouTube, you can get noticed easy - Free Course

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