Linear Circuits 1 – 17 – Linearity And Superposition, Part 2

More Examples of How to Use the Principles of Linearity and Superposition to Simplify Your Circuits – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to use the principles of linearity and superposition to solve linear circuits
  • How to solve more examples


  • High School or College Physics
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Day 17 of Linear Circuits.  Linearity and superposition are powerful tools to simplify and solve linear circuits.  Using these two principles, we can break our larger circuits into different, but substantially smaller circuits. Then, we can simply add the results of our smaller circuits together to get our final answer.  In this lesson, we will review the basic principles introduced in the last lesson, and we will go over even more examples.

The material covers all of the lecture material from an seventeenth lecture in a traditional, sophomore-level linear circuits class.

Author(s): Mark M. Budnik

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