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Chemical technologists work as Plant operator/process engineer in various process industries. The processes and operations involve the exchange of heat and need to calculate the amount of heat transferred. To operate a plant efficiently and economically, knowledge of heat transfer is essential. Moreover the handling and operation of heat transfer equipment also play an important role in energy saving.

Heat Transfer Operation: This courses basically design to get the basic knowledge of heat transfer operations. This include the modes of heat transfer operations through various shapes, through various medium. This course also focuses on the heat transfer equipment and their design.

Modes of Heat Transfer:

Conduction: It gives the detailed idea about the Fourier’s law of heat conduction. The applications of conduction in various shapes have been introduced in course.

Convection: It gives the basic idea about the natural convection and forced convection. It also gives some idea about the boiling and condensation.

Radiation: It gives the idea about the Stefan Boltzmann’s law of heat radiation.

Heat Transfer equipment

1) Double pipe heat exchanger & Shell and tube heat exchanger: In this section design of heat exchanger; basics of double pipe and shell and tube heat exchanger have been studied. The effectiveness of heat exchanger is also studied.

Author(s): Dr Satish Sukdeo Rikame

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