Vegas Pro 15 – Basic Video Editing Bootcamp

How to get started editing videos with Vegas Pro 15 – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Students will be able to us Vegas Pro 15 to create a video project, edit video clips, slice and transition between video clips, add music and B rolls, add titles, do basic special effects, and render a final video file.


  • Basic knowledge of how to use a computer. Students should have either the full version of Vegas Pro 15 or a demo version installed on their computer.


This is a basic course that should get you up and running in editing videos with Vegas Pro 15. It is designed to get you familiar with the basics of using Vegas Pro and editing a video with it, and whether you have never used video editing software or whether you have used other video software editing software before, this course should get you up and running.

Author(s): Dean McIntyre

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