Learn To Use Easy Stock And Maximize Your Microstock Uploads

Streamline the process of selling your photos to microstock agencies and save more time for the editing process – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to use Easy Stock to upload your images to microstock agencies
  • Configure Easy Stock so that you can upload images to your favourite agencies in just one click
  • Dramatically reduce the time dedicated to photo uploading so that you have more time for image preparation and editing; increase your productivity


  • You need a Mac (Intel processor) if you want to use Easy Stock (but you probably already have that if you already retouched or submitted your images)


If you are selling your photos to microstcok agencies (Shutterstock, Fotolia, Dreamstime, just to name a few) then you already know the story. If youre planning to enter this market and start selling your photos, then youll learn the story very soon.

You need a lot of time and dedication to choose your pictures, prepare them at their best, choose the right keywords; you also need a lot of time to upload your pictures to each agency you work with.

While you cant save much time on preparation (and better dont), you can save a lot of time when uploading if you do the right steps.

This course teaches you how to use Easy Stock to upload your images to one or many different agencies with just a few clicks; with the right steps you can dramatically reduced the time dedicated to uploading and focus on image shooting, selection and preparation.

Either you know it or youre going to learn it: image uploading is a bottleneck and time dedicated to this activity has no added value. You just do it because you have to do it.

Now, by following this course youll be able to drastically reduce the time you dedicate to it.

I decided to create this course because I found myself starting to sell photos on microstock agencies and I started to feel that I was dedicating too much time to the upload process on different web sites rather than focusing on image preparation and refinement.

Author(s): Fulvio Massini

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