The Six Keys to Liberating Your Life!

Sustainable Transformation Through Buddhist Principles – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to Make Sustainable Personal Transformation
  • The ancient Buddhist formula from ethics to concentration to wisdom
  • How to integrate meditation within your life (without sitting cross-legged)
  • To identify your natural concentration already present in your mind
  • How to cultivate generosity & wisdom
  • Practical exercises to increase your patience and energy


  • No prerequisites. All are welcome!


Hi – my name is Dr. Rafael Hoekstra and these are The Six Keys to Liberating Your Life.This is a course to transform you and your life using ancient Buddhist principles!

I have been training in Buddhadharma for 15 years, I hold a doctorate in the physical sciences, and I teach meditation and Qi Gong.

The Six Keys to Liberating Your Life will give you the tools to let go of negative habits, free up your energy so your day is more joyous, and identify your natural concentration, so you can be more effective. This powerful technology has been proven to work over the last 2500 years.

While the Six Keys are firmly rooted in traditional Buddhist teachings, I will present the material with modern examples so that it feels meaningful and relevant to you. Each week- for 6 weeks, I will introduce one of the Six Keys of Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Energy, Concentration and Wisdom. You will find that each key builds upon the previous ones to naturally liberate you.

You are welcome to join the course – there are no requirements other than an open mind. Usually the people who resonate with what I teach have tried some different spiritual traditions or meditation techniques and haven’t quite found what they were looking for. As I’ve been fortunate to receive these teachings, I’m very happy to pass them on and share them with you.This is not just a theoretical course – each week I will give you practical exercises to integrate the Six Keys into your life so you can reap the full benefits.Join me, learn the Six Keys, and liberate your life!

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