The Book Of Ruth: Deep-diging Bible Study

Online Bible Study Course – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Historical setting in the Book of Ruth
  • Verse-by-verse insights by comments and explanations
  • Hidden details on the Hebrew original text
  • How to apply the text on our lives today


  • A curiosity in the Bible
  • A Bible, physical or digital


In this course I’ll take your hand and walk you through the Book of Ruth in the Bible.

We will dig deep in the original meaning of text in all 4 chapters. We’ll look into hebrew concepts and words, and themes and applications for our days and our world.

Beside those 4 chapters, there are 3 extra sections where we look into the title, date/authorship and literary stole in the first. The second extra sections deals with it’s history of interpretation. That is how different communities have read the book, like Jewish Talmud and Mishna, New Testament, Early church, Mideval Jewish, Reformation and in the academically in the Modern Era. The third extra section deals with the theology in the book.

Welcome to dig deeper into the world of the Bible!

Author(s): Andreas Nilsson

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