Mastering Bible Study with BlueLetterBible

Learn to become a “seeker” using one of the best Bible resources online: BlueLetterBible – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Master the powerful on-line functions of BlueLetterBible, including navigating the various features, finding verses in different English translations, searching for words, and investigating the original languages for deeper understanding of God's Word.
  • Students will receive two downloadable quick reference guides: Understanding Greek Verbs and Bible Word Studies.


  • You should be able to use a browser and access


BlueLetterBible (BLB) is one of the most valuable free resources available online, and it’s the primary tool that we use for our Grace Aware Bible studies.

This four-part course will teach you how to use this powerful tool to dig deeper into the scriptures, and along the way we will introduce you to some of the powerful Grace Aware Bible study techniques.

Unit 1: The Basics (5 lessons; approximately 36 minutes of video)

Unit 2: Mastering BlueLetterBible (5 lessons; approximately 41 minutes of video)

Unit 3: Advanced Techniques (4 lessons; approximately 31 minutes of video)

Unit 4: Examples (4 lessons; approximately 18 minutes of video)

Includes downloadable Greek Verb Tense quick reference and Fast & Easy Bible Word Study guides!

GraceAware is not affiliated with BlueLetterBible or Evernote.

We offer this independent training to help people make the best use of the free tools available. By combining our Bible study method with exceptional tools like BlueLetterBible and Evernote we create “thought-leaders” in Christianity who will become “seekers” and be transformed by the renewing of their minds. Our goal is to produce believers who know the reason for the hope that lies within them, and who can articulate it because they understand what they believe and why they believe it.

Author(s): Dave Weston

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