Free Investing Tutorial – Mutual Funds [2019]: Complete Guide to Better Understanding

Educate yourself before you buy your next mutual fund. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Student will explore the components of how a mutual fund is priced, its diversification ability to reduce risk, and the types of mutual funds allowing students to become a well-informed investor.


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According to Statista, there is approximately $18.75 TRILLION invested globally in net assets of US-registered mutual funds. It is stated that about 16% of the world equity is in U.S. mutual funds.

With over 9,300 types of funds, it can be very confusing for anyone to navigate through the weeds and find the fund to fit their investment horizon, risk level, and price.

The share of households having mutual funds is 44%. Is your household one of them or are you interested in possibly investing in mutual funds?

Before you invest, it is vitally important to understand your investment risk. One way to accomplish this is by learning. This course will explore the many aspects of mutual funds that will educate you in obtaining the knowledge and resources necessary to make wiser and better decisions.

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