Build Confidence & Self Esteem : Overcome Fear of Failure

How to Overcome Fear of Failure : Overcome Fear : Self Esteem : Building Self Confidence Tips : Boost Self Confidence – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding your fear of Failure by truly understanding your Fears and building Self Esteem
  • Learn to build real and genuine self confidence and understand Self confidence tips
  • Learn to look at problems with clarity of thought and mind thus understand what is your Fear of Failure
  • Manage your fear of criticism and learn to create acceptance by understanding the truth about people.
  • How your self values came to be established as Fear in your life and how changing your self values can create joy and happiness in your life.
  • Learn to be happy no matter how hard your life is


  • You will need to create time to complete the course and build your self-esteem
  • You will need to create time for thinking and take action
  • You will need to use your journal for making notes and re-reading them again and do self introspection


Learn to overcome Fear of Failure by truly understanding them, build real self confidence to face any situation

About this course;

Learn to overcome your fear of failure, Slowly build real and genuine confidence, master the knowledge to make lemonade if life throws you lemons!!

Description of the course:

  • Are you always worried, fearful and got nervous for simple situations in life?

  • Are you frequently running away from things due to fear of the unknown?

  • Are you continuously feeling negative? But you really wanted to change?

  • Do you feel your life sucks? And you have no idea how to change it?

  • Do you feel I am a person with low self-confidence and low self-esteem?

  • Do You always feel lonely? And have struggled to make relationships work?

  • Are you always feeling that your confidence is Fluctuating?

  • Are you not able to overcome your Fear of Failure?

Of many of the problems that you are facing in your life some way or the other everything is associated with FEAR and lack of Confidence. All need to learn about Fear of Failure

FEAR is the most strong four-letter word that has high power to change anything and even start wars and break the confidence among us

No being on earth has escaped Fear, only the wise understand it and lead a fulfilling life thus overcoming Fear of Failure in Life

Understand your fear to build real self confidence thus overcoming your Fear of Failure.

Fear is the greatest monster ever alive, I hate to say but it is impossible to eliminate Fear but if you can understand your worries learn to make it an ally. The power of fear to control you would be completely lost forever.

“Courage is resistance to fear, Mastery of Fear, not absence of Fear.”

-Mark Twain

Confidence is not they will like me

Confidence is I will fine if they don’t

-Christna Crmme

Understanding your fears is the first step that you are going to take to take responsibility for everything that happens in your life entirely.

The more you know about your fears you will be able to understand what real Confidence is!! and by being confident you will overcome your enemy Fear of Failure.

The number of deaths due to fear is higher than all accidents and all natural disasters put together, everywhere around the world people are struggling to cope with fear, and their lives are filled with depression, panic attacks and anxiety.

Fear depletes a persons self confidence to get up in life and fight for what he wanted to be.

Now is the time to stop fear and start living with real and genuine confidence

Have you ever asked the question why am not feeling the air of confidence? why some people are able to exhibit confidence everytime while many are down due to Fear of Failure.

There is a very huge relationship between Fear and Confidence!

Course contents and Overview:

This course is designed for everyone who struggles with fear in life who wants to learn about Fear of Failure and lacking Self confidence I have created this course such a way that everyone can find it useful and exciting. All the chapters would start with a simple story that you can associate with a situation in life. The concepts told in every episode is straightforward and easy to do.

The most important aspect is the questions that will be asked in every chapter. The issues are vital to your war against your fears and understanding your Fear of failure.

Write down the questions and try to take your time to answer it honestly. This will help you to understand more about yourself thus slowly building your self confidence.

Only by truly trying to know yourself can you understand your problems,All your fears and your lack of Self confidence is the result of not trying to understand yourself better.

Since I was a victim of Fear and anxiety, asking many questions to myself revealed a great deal about myself and how I was captured by fear, Tortured and Tormented until I finally had answers to make Fear my ally and friend.

This course will help you understand the roots of your fear,Help you understand your fear of Failure, help you think deeply, learn to overcome it and look at life in a different angle. This course will help you break your long-standing beliefs and establish clarity of mind by slowly building real confidence

This course will bring your Fears to light helping you build real self confidence which will help to understand and manage situations effectively thus bringing the best in you.

From this course, you will learn to

  • Understanding your fear is more effective than fighting fears

  • Learn to build real and genuine self confidence

  • Learn to look at problems with clarity of thought and mind by changing your approach from Fear to bringing solutions

  • Manage your fear of criticism and learn to create acceptance by understanding the truth about people.

  • How your self values came to be established as Fear in your life and how changing your self values can create joy and happiness in your life

  • Realize your dream to become a persona of Confidence.

All the best!!

Target Audience:

  • Anyone who wants to get away from Fear and face life.

  • Anyone who feels that their life is miserable and wanted to change it for good.

  • anyone who has a fear of rejection that limits his self-confidence.

  • Anyone who wants to live a simple life that is worry free and free of depression and anxiety.

  • Anyone who is feeling let down all the time but want to take complete responsibility for his/ her life.

What I am going to get from This Course.

  • The real truth about Fear.

  • Learn to overcome your limitations and beliefs.

  • Learn to overcome your Fear of Failure.

  • Becoming a newer version of yourself.

  • Have an unshakable belief in yourself.

  • Master your anxiety.

  • Manage your inner negative voice.

  • Build real and genuine confidence which will help you every time when you are down

  • Discover your dreams and take steps to realise them with confidence

  • Learn to cope with criticism and rejection

  • Stop being shy, avoid shyness.

Finally The truth:

I want to tell you that journey of Joy and happiness starts with understanding your fears. You cannot win your fears just after you finish this course. There shall be no false promises I am going to give you.

This is no marketing Gimmick. This course will help you learn more about yourself, and I have shared all that I had learned in my journey towards facing fear. I can assure you that facing your internal demons will take time and will require hard work on your part. This course is not just another personality development course which will tell you to repel your fears after 1 hour or transform in 30 minutes!!

If you are really sincere and want to come out of fear, then take this course and enjoy the journey. There is no crash course for happiness you really need to make the steep road, but the destination will definitely be worthy.

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Author(s): Vinod Kj

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