Basic Autodesk Revit Modeling Arc &str (lod 200)

Develop Basic Revit Modeling ARC & STR using (LOD 200) – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • To browse and utilize Revit tools to model generation
  • To know BIMs existing scope, uses and services.
  • To model Architecture Elements
  • To model Structural Elements
  • To Coordinate Models with shared locations and phases.


  • A computer to perform the recommended exercises.
  • Installation of an Autodesk Revit 2018 trial version.


This is a basic level course designed to teach you how to use Autodesk Revit as a modeling tool for a virtual pre-construction of a project.

Nowadays, the term BIM (Building Information Modeling) is expanding, causing the use of this methodology for the majority of the projects defining new building, design and quality standards.

In the same way that pencil was substituted by the computer with drawings, and blueprints, BIM is an elemental concept for the construction industry technology nowadays.

This course will teach you how to model an executive project with Autodesk Revit, being the first out of four courses to dominate the modeling in Revit for executive projects.

This course shows how to model Architecture and Structural Projects in an effective and practical manner to develop executive projects.

It includes 2 practical exercises directly involved with modeling, allowing you to execute what you learned, and once it is submitted for review you will obtain a feedback, and if needed further personalized explanation, it will be provided.

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Use the forum debates to improve and obtain better benefits of it.

It focus on BIM modeling with Autodesk Revit at a basic level, how to set up the project families and utilize the Autodesk Seek families and the basic libraries.

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Author(s): Enrique Galicia

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