Physics By Example And Animation/ Graphs For Class 11

Get a crystal clear understanding of concepts of physics. Relate real life situation with concepts of physics – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • They will be able to understand the concepts of physics by example
  • Student can relate to concepts of physics through real world example


  • Class 10th Level physics
  • Tolerant with Indian accent


This course will enable you to learn the concepts of physics in most simplistic way. It is designed to ensure

  • Easy to understand and engaging as well as

  • Intuitive explanation of concepts of physics in such a way that

  • Explanation is less mathematical in nature

  • Students should learn through graphs, images and animations rather than just through equations

  • Student can relate to concepts of physics through real world example

  • They can understand what does the formula say

  • They can access and rewind it as many times as they want

Contents of the playlist

1. Addition n Subtraction of Vectors concept n workout Example

a. Learn addition / subtraction of vectors

b. See workout examples and corresponding visualizations

2. Practical Understanding of sum of vectors through graphs and animations

a. Get better understanding of sum of vectors through Graphs and Animations. You should be able to relate to real life examples of sum of vectors after going through this video.

3. Speed Velocity Accelerations Concepts n workout Examples

Understand about

a. Speed

b. Velocity

c. Difference between speed and velocity

d. Accelerations

e. and see several worked-out examples

f. Vertically upward motion of object

4. Projectile motion

a. What is projectile motion

b. How velocity changes during the path

c. How high the projectile can go?

d. How far it can go horizontally? What can be the range of the projectile?

e. Intuitive understanding of angle of throw and horizontal distance travelled

f. Relationship between angle of throw and horizontal distance travelled

g. What should be angle of hit to clear boundary and some discussion for cricket lovers?

Author(s): Gopal Prasad Malakar

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