How To Hack Mandarin Pronunciation With These 12 Tricks

Guaranteed Pronunciation Improvement In 30 Minutes – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Mandarhythm provide the most comprehensive and accurate lessons of Mandarin pronunciation.
  • GUARANTEED improvement after taking the course (in just 30 minutes)!
  • Distinguish teaching angle for English speakers.
  • Have-To-Know tips for Mandarin learners


  • Suitable for Beginners and Advanced Learners.
  • This course is focused on pronunciation, so please don't get distracted by the example words in the lesson or try to figure out the meaning of them.
  • Each lecture is composed of a main lecture and a PDF note.


This course is created by Mandarhythm.

With both Mandarin and English speakers on board, we are able to created the most comprehensive and detailed Mandarin pronunciation course for English speakers!

This course is going to help you hack mandarin pronunciation by listing 12 most common mistakes that english speakers make while speaking mandarin, which includes 4 parts that cover all the phonetic aspects of mandarin pronunciation, including the tones, the initials, the finals, and the special cases.

Author(s): Xinzi Liu

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