Basics Of Nautical Maneuvering Boards

How radar and the maneuvering board help you avoid collisions at sea – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • How to use the maneuvering board to solve collision and wind problems at sea.


  • Ideally you have some experience on the water and are ok with a little bit of math.


This course helps you understand a key tool of professional mariners: the maneuvering board.  It’s not just for naval and coast guard ships, this tool helps you avoid collisions and makes you a better boater!  In this course you will learn how the maneuvering board works, how it pairs with radar to help you make good collision avoidance decisions, and how you can use the board to calculate the true or desired wind on a moving vessel.  Also included is bonus content: some handy tricks that help round out your knowledge of maneuvering boards and relative motion.  This course comes with a 50 page textbook which is available to download as part of the course. 

Author(s): Christopher D. Nolan

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