An Introduction To Nuclear Power Plant

Introduction, Elements of Nuclear Reactor and power plant, Nuclear power plant types, Site selection and Waste disposal – Free Course

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  • Nuclear Power Plant


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The reserves of fissile fuel (coal, oil and gas) are depleting very fast. In some countries oil reserves are only of one or two decade.  In this scenario, it is one of the option to use more nuclear power generation. In the world, installed capacity of nuclear power plants is less than 5% and most of electricity is generated by coal based thermal power plant. Considering scope of nuclear power plant in future, this course is designed to understand the basic of nuclear power plant.

In Lecture 1, structure of atom, isotopes, binding energy, radioactivity, fission and fusion process and nuclear chain reaction are explained. In Lecture 2, elements of nuclear reactor and power plants are explained with their types. Typically nuclear power plant consists of  nuclear reactor, heat exchange-steam generator, coolant pump, steam turbine, condenser, feed pump and generator.  Nuclear reactor consists of nuclear vessel, fuel, coolant, moderator, control rod, shield and reflector.

In Lecture 3, Pressurized water reactor power plant and boiling water reactor plant are  discussed with schematic.  In Lecture 4, Gas cooled reactor and liquid metal graphite reactor power plant are explained with schematic. site selection for nuclear power plant and disposal of nuclear waste from  power plant are delivered in Lecture 5.

Author(s): Sanjay Barahate

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