Successful Public Speaking Skills For Kids And Teens

Make your child a confident speaker, presenter and communicator – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Overcome stage fear and anxiety
  • Learn and practice fundamental public speaking skills
  • Become more confident and comfortable in front groups of people
  • Help you articulate your thoughts in a clear and organized manner
  • Use effective body language and gestures
  • Speak with confidence, control and connection
  • Encourages you to work on your mindset than content
  • Prepare you for your best talk
  • Articulate your message via the power of storytelling


  • No prerequisite


Attention parents!

If there is one skill you should invest in your child is the skill of Public Speaking.

Public speaking is the best skill a child could possess in their armory as it stimulates confidence, courage, and creativity.  Many adults cite public speaking as one of their biggest fears, but with practice, your child can learn to build confidence enjoy public speaking for any situation and help them in their journey to become better leaders and communicators.

This course will teach children how to overcome nervousness or self-doubt from taking hold of their ability to deliver a good speech or presentation in a practical manner with easy to understand lessons and steps. Being able to talk well in front of a large audience or crowd is a valuable ability and one that offers transferable skills into confidence in the classroom or social situations.

The facilitator Farill Farook has trained and coached over 10,000 children to overcome the fear of public speaking and learn to thrive in the future and personal success. Join Now!

Author(s): Farill Farook

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