[Free] It's Subjective! | Self-Awareness Made Simple

A helpful and practical guide to fostering a strong sense of emotional maturity and self-awareness – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Empowerment
  • The Power of Perspective


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In this class called: It’s Subjective. Self Awareness Made Simple, you’ll learn about self-awareness as well as gain some amazing tools that will help you to practice becoming more self aware.

In this course youll learn about:

  1. A practical look at self-awareness

  2. The subjective nature of what we call reality

  3. The power of our states of being on our life experiences

  4. The role our beliefs play in our life experiences

  5. The role of our emotions and how they serve us

  6. A wonderful set of tools which leverage the topics above to help one cultivate self-awareness

With that, it may help you to identify areas in your life that you find problematic and provide you with a fresh new perspective on how to look at things so that you can attain a more stable sense of being.

Though the aim here isn’t to “sell happiness” it’s rather to provide information to others in which I personally found helpful to myself and that I simply wish to share in a fun and informative format.

That being said, the course was masterfully crafted with only the finest cutting edge cinematography and is considered the best class to ever arrive on Udemy’s platform.

This, of course, is subjective…. and if you understand that, you’re ready for this course…

Author(s): Thomas Williams

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