Draw Will Smith Using Only The Shade Brush With Paintology

Improve your drawing skills and appreciation of tones with this drawing using the free drawing app Paintology – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Draw a Will Smith portrait using only the shade brush toll of Paintology
  • Improve your understanding of color tones
  • Learn digital drawing easily and rapidly using the traced method of drawing


  • Basic drawing skills
  • Install the free android Paintology app from the Google play store to your tablet or phone


We are going to draw a portrait of Will Smith using just the shade brush tool of Paintology and no other settings.

Along with the colors selected directly from the color bar to the right of the canvas, you can make drawings with little effort. This will help you to increase your drawing skills as well as appreciate tones which are important in drawing.

Digital drawing is not that different to drawing or painting in the traditional way and Paintology has been designed from the bottom up to focus on improving your drawing skills. With the traced mode of drawing, you can download any images of your choice to the canvas to draw which keeps your interest going while improving your drawing techniques.

Try many of the other free Udemy titles in paintology, just search for Paintology in the search box.

Hope to see you soon in one of the Paintology courses.

Author(s): Ferdouse Khaleque

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