Typing Challenges – Can You Compete With Me?

Follow A Typist as he completes several challenges across the internet. You may try them as well to see if you can WIN. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Students will see me go through different typing challenges and have the ability to try the challenges themselves!


  • Must already be able to type, if you do not know how to type you may take my other course titled: "Touch Typing Correctly – Key Rollovers 120WPM"


This is a Diary Entry of my typing contests that I take, and that I am most proud of.

You can follow me throughout the internet and take some of the same courses that I take to compare your speed with mine.

Can you beat me? Only 2/1,000 Typists in general can.

I hope to meet you and type with you, and have others to join me on my journey to being a Top 1% Typist.

Author(s): Joseph Moon

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