Google Advanced Search

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What you’ll learn

  • Google Advanced Search


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Google Advanced Search

In this course you will learn how to use google Advanced Search operators to search the web in a more efficient manner. You can save a lot of time by knowing how to use Googles search operators. Google provides logical AND and OR operators and in addition to that many other search operators and filters for videos, images and text based search. Most people just through some keywords in Google search dialog box and then get lost in million of results google through back on them.

Video Lectures:

1. Introduction to Course

2. Understanding How Google Search Works

3. Google Quick Search with Unique Results

4. Some Basic features, calculations and Map

5. Using site operator and filters

6. Combining Search Operators to Refine Search Results

7. Searching for a Particular File Type with Multiple Search Criteria

8. 6 Advanced Search Operators

Author(s): Dr Tahir Yaqub

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