The Musical Instruments – Learn – Listen – See

The Categories of the Musical Instruments, Classical and Ethnic Instruments, Modern and Software Instruments. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Categorize the musical instruments into groups according to the material they are made of.
  • Listen to the sound of many instruments in our world.
  • Identify the way the musical instruments work.
  • Learn the history of many instruments.
  • Listen to the way modern electronic instruments can reproduce the sound of existing instruments.
  • Brass Instruments, Woodwind Instruments, String Instruments, Keyboard Instruments, Percussion Instruments.


  • For this course, there are no requirements to follow it. Just love for music and the curiosity to learn about the musical instruments of our world.


This is a free course I created for everyone that wishes to learn about the musical instruments that exist in our world. You dont need to have music education in order to follow this course. It can also help you choose to learn a musical instrument if you have this in mind.

The sounds we hear in music come from many instruments. As we grow up, we learn the most popular instruments like piano or guitar, or saxophone.

In many occasions we hear sounds that are not so familiar to our ears, and this happens because the musical instruments are so many that it is truly difficult to recognize all these sounds.

In this course, I will show you the musical instruments in 5 categories:

  1. Brass Instruments

  2. Woodwind Instruments

  3. String Instruments

  4. Keyboard Instruments and

  5. Percussion Instruments

We will see classical instruments we see in big orchestras, or traditional instruments that outline the folk music of many countries, instruments that have a deep history, or others that are current.

And for all these, you will listen to me performing the sounds on my Yamaha keyboard called D-Deck. I will play the sound of every instrument I describe to you to have a complete realization of the instrument. As you understand, the number of the existing musical instruments is vast, but I will show you many of the instruments that exist and I will describe to you the major features of the instruments. Maybe in these sounds you will hear, there is one that will make you try to learn it.

Sit back, grab a nice cup of coffee and watch a rich sound experience that I have planned for you.

Author(s): Costas Christodoulou

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