Rock Vocal Warm Up

Learn how to do a warm up specially for a rock style – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • start to sing in the rock style
  • have learned all things about vocal warm up
  • have known what you should beware?


  • You need the basic level of the vocal technique. You should know how to use the diaphragm for singing and and develop your pitch of your notes.


Do you like a hard music? Do you like to sing very loudly? In this case this video course is for you!

This lecture can help you to understand how to do warm up of your voice propelry specially for a rock style! There are the most effective and easy ways to start scream.

Many people want to know how to start the rock vocal exercises without damaging a vocal cords?

In this lecture you will learn the most effective ways of warm up for a raspy sound and other techniques of scream!

Lecture included a basic information you should to know before you start to sing.

Preparation of your clean voice for scream.

How to add a rasp to your vocal propelry?

Preparation before screaming.

How to scream?

Author(s): Lobanov Vladislav

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