Learn Monster Godj

You can learn how to use Monster GODJ and how to mix and make music with Monster GODJ ! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to use Monster GODJ


  • Student have to prepare Monster GODJ


‘Learn Monster GODJ’ is a 12 video lecture series designed to show you how to practice and master the Monster GO-DJ in a very short span of time. For this course, you will need both a Monster GO-DJ and/or speakers/headphones. Throughout the course you will be instructed by our professional ‘DJ Pinnacle TheHustler’ who will be showing you all aspects such as: How to mix, How to produce music, How to use the equalizer, how to record, and how to create your own music. This video series will turn a newbie GO-DJ user into an advanced user in no time!

Author(s): Monster Godj

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