Guitar 101: The Essential Guide For Absolute Beginners

Start from square one and build a solid guitar foundation by focusing on finger dexterity, chords and muscle memory. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • The history and anatomy of acoustic and electric guitars
  • How to purchase a high quality affordable guitar
  • How to tune a guitar
  • How to read tablature
  • How to use the proper fingering and fretting techniques
  • Alternate picking
  • Finger dexterity and independence
  • C major scale
  • Fundamental Open Chord Shapes


  • A dedication and commitment to learning!


Thank you for your interest in this guitar course! We’ve spent a lot of time making sure this program works and will get you playing guitar the right way, fast. In this course you’ll start with learning exercises and techniques to get your fingers in shape, then move to playing notes and reading music. From there, we’ll move on to learning songs with those notes and playing open chords. Throughout the lesson series you’ll be exposed to musical ideas that stretch beyond the guitar- like why certain chords work well together and a brief history of the guitar and it’s popularity. With each lesson also comes supplemental learning material- chord diagrams, chord charts, music notation, and mp3s in different tempos that you can play along to based on your speed and progress. Upon completion of the course, you’ll have the most solid foundation of the basics of guitar and you’ll be eager to learn so many more songs and concepts. Let’s get playing!

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