Garageband 101- Learn How To Write & Record Your First Song!

Start making great music right away with the only free GarageBand course on Udemy! (Unofficial) – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Master the basic functions of GarageBand
  • Write & record origional songs from scratch
  • Edit & polish your songs so they're ready to share!
  • Have a blast making great music in GarageBand!


  • Update to the latest version of GarageBand!
  • No prior experience needed!


This course is designed to help you start making great music in GarageBand fast!  Video lessons show you how to write, record, edit, and polish your songs step-by-step.  You’ll learn how to use the tools GarageBand offers for creative songwriting (including software instruments & the session drummer) as well how to use its powerful tools for editing & mixing (cleaning and polishing) your songs!  The videos in this course are content rich and get straight to the point so that you can start making high quality music in GarageBand without wasting any time!  And don’t worry, we are going to make this easy and fun! 

If you are a songwriter or musician who wants to record your own music in GarageBand but you have no idea where to start… this course is made for you!

Author(s): Dean Davis

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