Free Singing Tutorial – Fry Scream and False Cord (growl, scream, distortion) BASICS

How to begin adventure with screaming, growling and singing distortion in a healthy and efortless way. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • – controlling the breath support and airflow
  • – foundations of fry scream, false cord and distortion used in vocals
  • – how to take care of the voice
  • – how to perform extreme vocals safe and healthy for the vocal folds
  • – how to scream/growl and use basic distortion in singing


  • Basic knowledge of the voice emission/singing


On OCTOBER THIS YEAR I will upload a totally NEW COURSE prepared fully in ENGLISH – EXCLUSIVE CONTENT available only in that specific course. THERE ARE A LOT OF EXERCISES, EXAMPLES AND EXPLANATIONS FOR TECHNIQUES LIKE FRY SCREAM, GUTTURALS, DEATH GROWL, FALSE CORD SCREAM,  SINGING WITH DISTORTION & OLD SCHOOL GROWL, TWO KINDS OF WARM-UPS AND EXERCISES FOR BETTER SINGING & VOICE EMISSION.STAY TUNED FOR NEWS AND CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED THE COURSE BELOW  – YOU WILL GET A DISCOUNT FOR THE NEW & BETTER ONE!—This course is only a introduction to the extreme vocals topic. How to begin practising screaming, growling and distortion in vocals, doing it as healthy and efortless, yet the most effective, as it can be.Course contains basics important not only for the very begining vocalist that wants to scream, they are also helpful for more advanced singers or screamers!The course contains following topics:- Breathing in extreme vocals

– Posture

– The Breath Support

– Basic Voice Emission

– Examples and basic excersises for getting a healthy distortion using our voice- Explanation and examples of different extreme vocals techniques like  FRY SCREAM and FALSE CORD (growl, scream, singing with distortion)Enjoy Your Learning!

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