Circle Progression For Beginners (piano)

Sound like a pro in hours – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to play a circle progression on the piano.
  • You will learn some of the tools professional pianists use to make their playing sound better.


  • Have a piano or a keyboard at hand.


Whenever you start something, you wish to be a pro at it from the first minute or second. Unfortunately, this is not always a possibility. Learning to play the piano is no exception. It takes months or even years to get to a place where you begin to feel confident at it. Sadly, people’s motivation runs out within a few days of commencement of anything. To remedy this lack of motivation, I designed this short free course that teaches you one chord progression that is based on the circle of fifths. A complete beginner can play it and it sounds complex enough to make others think that an intermediate or a professional pianist is behind the piano keyboard.

This chord progression is also a useful tool to learn and to practice the other keys so feel free to transpose it to other keys (as I show you how to do it in the bonus video). It also makes an excellent warm-up exercise.

The course is split up into five videos:

1) A short introduction.

2) Here, I teach you the notes of the progression.

3) In this video I teach you how to handle the voices and the melody.

4) Here, I teach you how to pedal.

5) In this last video, we put all of the previously learned skills together.

There is also a extra video that shows you this progression in all keys.

Please join me in this course and catch your wave of motivation to help you continue on your piano journey!


Author(s): Mikhail Leonkine

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