Bluegrass Guitar Essentials: Webisodes 1 & 2

Series Introduction & Recommendations for the Best Bluegrass Gear – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn more about the origins of the Bluegrass Guitar Essentials via a brief, FREE introduction/overview of the series
  • Determine the gear (guitars, accessories, etc.) that are right for them to create authentic Bluegrass tones in their playing
  • Learn how to best utilize the resources of the entire Bluegrass Guitar Essentials series (Tuning, Picking, Licks, etc.) whether they are Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced players
  • Determine if the remaining Bluegrass Guitar Essentials courses are a good fit for them


  • A basic level of understanding of how to play guitar (basic chords, a few songs, basic strumming concepts, etc.)
  • An interest in improvising on the guitar, wanting to better coordinate your left and right hands, and a desire to become a better player than you are right now
  • Not required but recommended: A clip-on tuner for tuning your guitar. (Recommended tuners and other gear are listed in the BONUS Where to Get Your Gear ebook in the resources area.)


Note: I’ve made Webisodes 1 & 2 absolutely free to enjoy so you can easily determine if the course is right for your level of playing, whether Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.

“Another EXCELLENT course. I completed previous course and this one is just as good if not better. Best tuition I have ever had. Thank you, Eric. Just finished this course and it is EXCELLENT. I obviously will need to go back over several bits, but it has been so useful. Thanks again.” – KEITH, UDEMY STUDENT, WEBISODES 5&6

“I like the modesty and teaching speed of the instructor.” – SHOOTER, UDEMY STUDENT, WEBISODES 1&2

“This is without doubt, the BEST course I have ever done. BRILLIANT, Eric. Thank you so much. I have already purchased some of the next courses and there is so much to learn. Worth EVERY penny (or dollar in the U.S.).” – KEITH, UDEMY STUDENT, WEBISODES 3&4

In Webisodes 1 & 2 (Intro & Gear) of my Bluegrass Guitar Essentials series, youll learn about the influences that helped shape the way I play guitar, more specifically Bluegrass guitar.  Famous Legendary guitarists such as Tony Rice, Bryan Sutton, and David Grierto name a feware some of the Masters of the genre that Ive designed this entire series around so that you can really Learn the Essentials of Playing Bluegrass Guitar like the Legends!

Youll also learn which gear I personally use in my every day playing and gigging as well as what gear I recommend for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced players.

An Introduction to the course, a section on How to Use the Ebooks for the course, as well as a special BONUS section containing links to all the gear I discussas well as gear Ive learned about since originally recording the seriesare included in the companion ebooks available in the resources area. Using this free guide, you’ll be able to easily determine which webisodes are right for your particular needs in the series and proceed with your education from there.

“Obviously a very passionate and technically skilled musician, that [is] able to pass on his knowledge in the old-fashioned way, from person to person.” – ALLEN, UDEMY STUDENT, WEBISODES 11&12

“Absolutely BRILLIANT. This is opening up a whole new world on how to move up the fretboard.” – KEITH, UDEMY STUDENT, WEBISODES 13, 14, & 15

Author(s): Eric Beaty

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