Producing High Performance Video Content

The GPS to loyal audiences, 4 essential mechanisms – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • By the end of the course, students will have a sound understanding of all the moving parts of producing video content and what it takes to have their viewers returning for more.


  • Students will need to have basic computer skills and a strong desire to produce outstanding video content.


Question:  What is the ultimate purpose of creating video content?  When its all said and done and boiled down to its key element, why do: entrepreneurs, YouTubers, business owners, coaches, authors, motivational speakers, performers and anyone else for that matter, create video content?

Hi, Im Luc Bouchard, and I have produced well over 300 videos (most of which are on YouTube), and I firmly believe that there is only one reason why anyone markets themselves with the power of video and that is to Influence Behavior.  By having your audience click like, share your content, subscribe to your YouTube channel, download a document or buying a service or a product from you; are all outcomes of influencing your viewers behaviors. 

So, I have another question:  If the creation and production of video content to Influence Behavior, how exactly do you do that?  What are the necessary mechanisms in a video to have someone: like, share, subscribe, download or purchase a service or a product?  In my course:  Producing High Performance Video Content: The GPS to loyal audiences; 4 essential mechanisms, I answer just that question. 

If you would like to know how to Influence your audiences Behaviours and build a loyal fan base, then enroll in in my course now. 

Luc Bouchard

Author(s): Luc Bouchard

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