Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping for SMEs

How to unpack and deliver on the customer needs the way they expect as they move through the buying life-cycle – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • This course is for people who want to get a first introduction to the process of customer journey mapping. It is designed to give you a high level understanding of how you can structure the CJM process. It lasts 40 minutes so please don’t expect to learn the details of CJM. I offer a detailed workshop if you need to learn CJM step-by-step.


  • No prerequisites – this is an introduction course with a good level of depth, but I have kept it simple so I don’t scare you away!


Do you ever get stuck because you don’t know how to grow sales in your business? You want to differentiate yourself from your competitors but are not sure what is going to work? Maybe you are confused on where you should allocate your limited resources or which social channel you should focus your efforts on? Or perhaps, you simply want to attract more buying customers but you are not entirely sure where they are and where you go get them… Understanding intimately who your ideal customers are and how THEY move throughout the buying journey is definitely the right starting point to unlock all sorts of answers. So how do you map their journey and what are the crucial questions to ask? This workshop tells you exactly that! I created this workshop thinking of small and medium enterprises, so Icut out complexity and technical lingo to keep it simple, practical and inspiring.

First, I will provide you with the context to understand why tackling the customer experience is so important for your business success and longevity in the age of the Experience Economy. Then, Iwill explain a few fundamentals that you need to know and have ready in order to properly conduct a customer journey mapping exercise. And last, Iwill explain in details how to go about mapping out the customer journey phase after phase, before they buy all the way to post-purchase. As you follow me along, you will begin to understand how powerful customer journey mapping is and how it can help you make important decisions on your sales and marketing spend and activities.

In this course, Idraw from my extensive practical experience to squeeze as much value as possible so that you can get inspired in your own business and consider to delve deeper.

Author(s): Giovanna Toldi

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