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Analyzing the types of Content Marketing professionals required for a Content Project – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand the profiles of professionals required for a Content Project
  • Learn the qualities of professionals executing a Content Project
  • Learn ways to conduct a Content Project efficiently and economically


  • Wish to learn more about executing a Content Project
  • Desire to learn about new ideas
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One of the topic that is often overlooked while analyzing content marketing is building a content team for executing a content project.

We often go into minute detail while scrutinizing a process involved in a marketing ventures, but we tend to ignore   the quality and experience of a person who executes that procedure. We do not delve on the subject – who and what kind of a professional the person handling a marketing project should be, what qualities he should have and what should be his experience and other such issues.

For many of us these factors may not look interesting enough BUT – these are issues which decide the success or failure of a project because these professionals are responsible for completing the project successfully in time and taking the company forward.  

In this course, I am focusing on this part of a Content Project and I am explaining what a brand is expected to do after completing an content audit process. This course explains in detail the steps involved in building a content marketing team for a brand from ideation to publication. 

This course will not only provide you details of the type of professionals required for a content project but it will also give inputs on the characteristics that different content professionals should have. I presume this will help you in learning and developing them for your betterment in the content field. 

Author(s): Girijan Raghavan

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