[Free] Wipe Them Out! Chemical Control In The Landscape

Learn about applying chemicals in your park or garden. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Pesticide spraying in the garden.
  • Types of pesticides.
  • Safety in pesticide operation.
  • Spraying techniques for pesticides.


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This course will equip you with basic knowledge of the chemical control operation in parks or gardens. You will learn the safety and the techniques for spraying using a hand-powered sprayer. Especially important are the safety aspects of chemical application.

Chemical control of plant pests and diseases can be a dangerous operation due to the potential exposure to hazardous pesticides. Completion of this course does not mean that you will be sufficiently equipped with all the skills required. It is important to also go through several operations with an experienced pesticide applicator to fully understand the skills required for chemical control.

Due to the effectiveness of chemical control in addressing pest issues, it is common for chemical applicators to overlook the damage the chemicals can cause to human health and the environment. This course also seek to address the proper considerations to take before a pesticide operation is being carried out.

The strategies to consider before deciding to use chemical control in the parks and gardens includes cultural controls, physical or mechanical control and biological control.

The course objectives are:

  • Understand the purpose of chemical control.

  • Apply safe work procedures to pesticide application.

  • Perform chemical control in the parks and gardens.

Go through each Lesson thoroughly and proceed only after you have gained a sufficient understanding of the lesson. The quizzes after each section must be completed before moving on to the next lesson.

Author(s): Syaiful Muslim

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