[Free] Tea Appreciation With Dosta - Zen Tea Meditation

Perceive the Taste, Enjoy your Life! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Multiple forms and flavors of Tea
  • The Meditative significance of drinking Tea
  • Zen and the Art of Ceremony
  • Taste and Smell Awareness
  • Patience with food and drink process
  • Levels of flavor complexity


  • No previous still required, however, a basic experience of Meditation is recommended


To feel the taste of Tea is to feel the taste of Life!

Our experiences a deeply affected by perception abilities and it is through Tea appreciation that we open these abilities.

By learning Tea Appreciation you will:

  • Taste more complex flavor combinations

  • Deepen your eating and drinking actions

  • Learn patience with flavor unfolding

  • Open to subtle experience

  • Value peace and stability on a deeper level

To learn Tea Appreciation is to open to a new zest for life. To have a zest for life is to live with joy, wonder, meaning, optimism and gratitude.

This course improves your zest for Life by:

  • Focusing your Sense of sound

  • Opening your Sense of taste

  • Emphasizing your sense of smell

  • Allowing your own inquisitive nature to grow

  • Revealing the beauty of the simple

This course is great for beginners, who know nothing about Tea or its many flavors and categories.

We discuss many categories of Tea including:

  • English Breakfast Tea

  • Green Tea

  • Pomegranate and fruit Tea

  • Root Tea

  • Herbal Tea

  • Medicinal and Health balance Tea

This course is delivered in an easy to understand and clear style of communication. It is light-hearted and not without a dose of humor!

The course facilitator, Dosta, has been known by many for his unique and intimate teaching style, and this course delivers!

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Author(s): Dosta Andrew Lake

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