[Free] Sculpture Art With Acrylic Painting

Sculpture Art – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Sculpture Art
  • It will take 2 -3 hrs in the beginning to complete the painting
  • Creativity, Observation skills
  • Start your Sculpture Painting


  • Patience , Creative skills


Hello Friends,

In this class, you will learn all about Sculpture Art.

The basic material for Sculpture Paste are wood glue, cellulose cotton and gesso chalk.

It is always easy to use ready made paste but few artist make it on their own.

We will use Acrylic colors in the background. One can make variety of different Sculpture Paintings if you have Artistic skills, Creative thinking and good Observation skills.

The color shades which used in this painting are as below :-

1. Sculpture Paste – Little Birdie

*For Flowers

v Iris Meadow – Purple

v Strawberry – Pink


v Seaweed – Green

v Snow Spread – White

2. Acrylic Colors – Camlin

*(In Background)

v Portrait Pink – 339

v Light Blue Permanent – 335

v Brilliant Purple – 449

v Glitter Tube

3. Camlin Kokuyo Artist Gesso White – Primer

4. Canvass

5. Medium size knife

6. Scrapper

7. Painting brush

Friends, once you complete your Sculpture Painting, you may feel exhausted but you will enjoy every movement and its totally worth of your efforts.

You can try the same painting with your favorite color combination and ideas.

But for the starters, its recommended to use the same colors.

If you can manage to create the same picture, you will get the confidence and then you can always try new one with your own thoughts.

All the material of Sculpture Art is easily available.

Please share your feedback and start your Sculpture Painting.

Author(s): Monali Handge

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