Level1: Mindful Japanese Calligraphy For Beginners 1-2/30

SHODO by Nohoh-Method: The Complete KAISHO Style! Basic Srokes & KANJIs. WITHOUT Japanese Knowledge! Creative & Relaxed – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Be able to manage two basic strokes and two Ideographs (KANJIs) of Japanese calligraphy in Kaisho style
  • Learn the basic knowledge of the Japanese Calligraphy SHODO
  • Learn about the proper tools for SHODO and how to use them
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  • the required tools for this course are showd In the free Lectures (Section 3)
  • The knowledge of Japanese is NOT required
  • even you don't have all the required tools, DON'T WORRY. Just watching the video lectures helps you to cultivate your sense of SHODO


  • This is “LEVEL 1” of the series, which has 7 courses (LEVEL1, 2, 3 and 4 are so far available. I am now preparing the 5th course)

  • NOTICE 1 : “LEVEL 1” is for VERY BEGINNER or the person who does not any knowledge about Japanese calligraphy. If you already know about Japanese calligraphy, please watch the lectures about practical technique (Section 5, 6 and 7 ) so that you will get an idea how the course will proceed.

  • NOTICE 2 : This course is designed in order to show you the beauty of the art of SHODO and presented in the Japanese language with English subtitles. You will feel calm and relaxed while watching the lectures.

  • NOTICE 3 : If you find the course too slow, please faster the video lecture speed as you want. ( https://support.udemy.com/hc/en-us/articles/115007297187-How-to-Adjust-the-Video-Speed-on-the-Mobile-App )

NEWS (22 June 2020 update)
Dear my students,
The 4th course is now available
Now I start preparing the 5th course.
Regards Nohoh


This is online Japanese Calligraphy course. With 1.5 hours video tutorial lesson you will learn SHODO (Japanese Calligraphy) that is one of the most beautiful fine arts of Japan. By using brush and ink the beauty of words/ideas is expressed. SHODO is not only a creative and enjoyable hobby, but also a mindful and meditative mental activity.

Throughout the whole series, you will gain fundamental knowledge and master the technique of KAISHO style of Japanese Calligraphy using the Nohoh-Method.

With the Nohoh-Method, that helps you to cultivate SHODO systematically, even someone who has no Japanese knowledge can master KAISHO style easily.

In the Level 1 course, you will acquire two Basic Strokes and two Ideographs (KANJIs) besides the basis such as the knowledge of tools and useful tips to enjoy SHODO.

The series (7 courses) provide you30 Basic Strokesand100 Ideographs (KANJIs)of KAHISHO style of SHODO. The “30 Basic Strokes” coversmost of the important strokes. Thus after finishing the whole series you will be able to draw any Ideographs that are in KAISHO style. 
After learning through the whole courses it will be very easy to draw the Ideographs in Kaisho style, which are over 6000!!!

Leaning the KAISHO style lets you make a foundation of technique and knowledge of SHODO and you will enjoy further styles of SHODO in the future. Nohoh-Method helps you to build the essential technique of SHODO!!

The mindful activity of the art of SHODO can help you to reduce stress and to enrich your life.

Don’t worry about the tools. Even just watching the video tutorial lesson helps you to develop a good sense of the movement of the brush.

PDF Files List, LEVEL 1

Section 1

  • List of the Basic Strokes – Lecture 1

Section 5

  • Basic Stroke #01 – Lecture 15

Section 6

  • Basic Stroke #02 – Lecture 18

  • KANJI 01 – Lecture 19

  • Guideline + Name – Lecture 19

  • Guideline (without Name) – Lecture 19

Section 7

  • KANJI 02 – Lecture 22




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