How To Create The Best My Player In NBA 2K19

Best Player Creations – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • After completing this course you will be a better competitor in NBA 2K’s my player features. You will have all the tools you need to make a run at the 2K league in the future.


  • Basic knowledge of xbox or ps4 controller is required.
  • A small NBA 2K background is prefered but not required.


This course is here to help NBA 2K players become better at the game and to help the compete on a more serious level. I also want them to become more confident in their ability to choose their own play style and grow on there own through hard work. Players are going to learn how to study real basketball and apply it to the game as well as taking clips from their favorite gamers and making it their own.

Author(s): Julian Fountain

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