Free Beer Brewing Tutorial – Learning to Brew Your Own Beer with Black Rock Home Brewing

The best beer is fresh beer. We will show you how you can brew your own beer and cider at home, inexpensively. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to brew your own commercial quality beer and ciders at home.
  • Learn simple techniques for making commercial standard and quality beer and cider with the minimum equipment outlay.
  • Learn how to use wort concentrates like the ones Black Rock Brewing provides as a base for your home brewing.
  • Learn how to flavour your beer and cider with specialty grains, hops and other flavouring techniques.
  • Learn why craft breweries are switching to extract brewing for failsafe brewing results.
  • Learn the foundation of all brewing, how to clean and sanitize your equipment for faultless brewing.
  • Learn the best techniques for fermenting your beer and cider , including advanced pressure fermenting techniques.
  • Learn how to clarify and mature beer and cider.
  • Learn how to bottle condition, carbonate or keg your beer.
  • Learn how to advance your brewing with specialized equipment and quality testing of brews like professional brewers do.


  • A love for beer and cider.
  • Some brewing ingredients and basic brewing equipment that you will be able to buy from your nearest home brewing store or online.
  • An open mind and eagerness to learn fail safe techniques for making the best beer and ciders.
  • An eagerness to experiment and impress your friends with what you make.


We show you how to brew your own beer with simple ingredients and inexpensive equipment. We use Black Rock’s Concentrated Wort, but you can do it with any concentrated wort you can buy at your local brew shop or online.

Brewing Beer

Did you know that the best beer is fresh beer?

Most of what you buy and drink at the store or your local brewery is already past its “best to consume date”. It is like buying old stale bread. You can eat it, but it isn’t terrific?

Did you know that 75 cents in every dollar you pay for beer or cider has nothing to do with the product and everything to do with taxes, levies, distribution and packaging? You think you are buying beer, but the fact is that you are purchasing the right to buy beer. Someone took your beer right out of your mouth!

Did you know that it is as easy to brew beer as it is to grill a sausage or make a cup of tea? Your local brewer doesn’t want you to know that! Your government is likely of the same conviction. If you knew how easy it is to make your own good beer, chances are you would already be doing it, and you will be skipping the fees, levies and taxes.

Brewing Your Beer

Here is the payoff. You can make your own beer and cider at home, with simple equipment that you can buy at the local hardware store and ingredients you can get over the internet – the best ingredients in the world!

We guarantee that your beer and cider will taste better than what you can buy at the store or your local craft brewery? If you brew your own beer, not only will it be fresh, taste better and cost you significantly less, it will also make you more popular, better looking, a nicer person, richer, etc….

You get the picture 😉

For the price of a beer, we will show you how to do it with Black Rock Home Brewing’s ingredients. It is the best brewing ingredients in the world! But hey, you can use anyone else ingredients too if you know what you are doing. Let’s help you to know what you are doing and welcome to the world of brewing your own beer!

Welcome to our world of beer!

The Two Cowboys, and Fellow Beer Lovers.

Author(s): Two Cowboys

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