Creative Watercolours Near Beginners

The next step in getting creative with watercolours. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Apply paint in small areas of wet-in-wet with control.
  • Understand complementary colours and how to use them.
  • Understand Aerial Perspective and choose paints to demonstrate it's effect.
  • Confidently use bold colour in a painting.
  • Use different techniques to describe texture.


  • You will need watercolour paper, basic watercolour palette, brushes, a board to tape your paper to, a clean rag, some water in a pot.


Module 2 in the Creative Watercolours Course is here!

In this module we will be getting into more creative techniques and aiming to get more controlled effects.

The course is taught using demonstrations on video. There are also photos and drawing guides for you to use as you need.

There are 3 main projects plus an informative lesson extra. Each project is a lesson split into 2 or more parts to keep the stages easy to follow.

We will be exploring vibrant colours and controlled wet-into-wet techniques, complementary colours and an example of how to use them in a painting, and more textures in watercolour and how to create them in a beautiful autumn woodland painting.

The lesson extra is a demonstration of how to create depth and aerial perspective in a painting.

The course ends with some inspiring ideas for you to try and a little quiz to test your knowledge.

I'm postitive you will enjoy these lessons as much as my class students have done here in England.

Enjoy, and I'll see you in the first lesson.

To enjoy the promotional price of $9 (normally $29) sign up in the first few days of December 2014.

Note: The lovely music in the videos is Debs Warren

Author(s): Deborah Burrow

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