Brew Real Beer

Brewing 101: Make real beer using grains, malts, and yeasts. A beginner’s course in partial mash brewing. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Over an hour and a half of video content including theory and demonstration
  • By the end of this course you will know (and observe) the process of home brewing
  • Understand what equipment is necessary to brew beer at home
  • Know what sort of ingredients comes in a typical beer recipe
  • To see the overall process of brewing, fermentation, and bottling


  • A love for the taste and craft of brewing beer
  • Before brewing, you will need equipment and ingredients – but take the course first to be an informed buyer


In this course you will you will learn the basics of home brewing. Walk through the process of boiling wort, fermentation, and bottling beer using full and partial mash recipes. During this course, Ted will brew a batch of Nut Brown Ale in his kitchen, inviting you into the process. He will also talk about the basic ingredients used in beer making and take you to a brew store to show you what you need to buy.

If you ever considered brewing your own craft beer this course will teach you how. This course is for the beginning brewer with minimal knowledge of beer brewing.

This course is not based on the “plastic keg and cans of syrup” approach but will teach you the process of making real beer using methods that mimic those of the large breweries.

This course is made up of short video lectures which describe and demonstrate the art of craft brewing. At the end of this course you will be able to brew real beer at home.

Author(s): Ted Esler

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