[Free] Blackjack

First in the industry online course for future game presenters. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • You will gain basic Blackjack game knowledge.
  • You will learn values of the cards.
  • You will understand the game flow both: from player’s and dealer’s perspective.
  • You will get knowledge of Blackjack bets, side bets, payouts and game outcomes.
  • You will understand what options players have.
  • Presentation of equipment used for the game.


  • No previous experience needed.


Its 21st century and most of us use modern technologies to get necessary knowledge. Nowadays, its not a problem to find any course on the Net and get required information. We are here as well. Every student can access the course online, everywhere, anytime and from any device. Our lately developed first in the industry E-learning online Blackjack course allows to pass theoretical part of the training that is about 60% of total training. By the end of each section you will be asked to fill the test to check the knowledge and those who successfully completed testing part will get an access to the next module.
By completing this course you will get basic Blackjack game knowledge, understanding of cards’ values, possible players’ options, side bets, game outcomes, payouts and equipment used for the game. Blackjack course is led by experienced coach and filmed by professionals. This course is to help future performers to be confident in game leading. Each Blackjack module provides detailed information and interesting facts about the game. It is an opportunity for potential candidates to start their carrier in brand new company by successfully passing the course and giving them a chance to be invited for a job interview.

Author(s): Winfinity Academy

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