Free Geospatial Tutorial – Basic Raster and Vector Operations with PCI Geomatics

Learn how to apply basic raster and vector operations to perform a number of common remote sensing tasks. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • How to manage data layers and reproject data
  • Apply image processing functions to generate new raster layers
  • How to use and create vector layers
  • Perform raster arithmetic to produce valuable new raster layers or information


  • Students only require a basic understanding of geographic information systems and remote sensing concepts
  • All required software and data is provided, including access to a trial version of Geomatica as well as sample optical satellite imagery


This course is offered by PCI Geomatics, using Geomatica Desktop Image Processing and Analysis Software

Overview: Are you a student learning remote sensing, or does your organization make use of satellite imagery to generate image products or extract valuable information for actionable information? This course will teach you how to manipulate your optical satellite imagery and generate information from that imagery.

Who is the intended audience? This course is intended for university students or professionals who are new to geographic information systems and remote sensing. After this short course youll be able to manage both vector data and satellite imagery, and generate new raster layers or information using professional image processing and analysis software.

What materials will be used? Students will be able to work with a licensed version of Geomatica as well as sample data sets to follow along with the instructor. Students are expected to install Geomatica on their computer and work with a copy of the data which is provided.

How long will it take me to complete the course? The course materials (videos) run for a little less than an hour. You will likely play the videos several times and review certain steps. The expected time to complete the course is 2-3 hours.

Author(s): Jean-Sbastien Bouffard

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