[Free] Chromebook Tech Support

The most fun you have had with a Chromebook all year. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to Power Wash / Factory Reset your Chromebook
  • How to firmware restore any Chromebook from recovery
  • How to Turn on Developer Mode
  • How to ADB sideload unsupported Android apps
  • Chromebook flags and URL’s


  • Able to follow video guides and read.


In this course you will learn how to firmware restore your Chromebook along with troubleshoot common problems. It is a fun and simple class to take that will help you understand the kind of skills you will gain by joining Phonlab. Learn skills like firmware restore, factory reset, turning on developer mode, running Linux development tools and much more. Phonlab is a training platform for Smartphone techs that want to learn the skills needed to perform software support for customers phones and mobile devices. Did you know that software support is the fastest growing trend in mobile repair? Take advantage of this rapidly growing skillset and start learning the tricks of the trade. Factory Reset Protection / FRP removal and bypass methods. The Phonlab team has developed many tools and apps to help with this security problem including MotoReaper, GalaxyReaper, and the new Phonlab FRP app. Using these tools and others available in the Phonlab Smartphone tech course you can remove FRP on almost every phone and security patch level. If you are interested in continue to train with our instructor RootJunky then you need to check out our site Phonlabtech and out main course with over 400 lessons included in it.

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