Yoga For Work

Day 1 to Day 5 – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • A new approach to yoga
  • Basic exercises to do anytime anywhere

  • Yoga for the working professionals

  • Building awareness of body


  • A willingness to be experience the course from Day 1 to Day 5



A yoga course that is specially designed for the modern man and woman professionals.

Yoga for Work Day 1 to 5 is a set of 5 basic exercises that is taught within a period of 5 days. You will learn one Exercise everyday that can be practiced in any space at any time you prefer. We try to build awareness of your body and how it is moves in space around you through the basic exercises. It must be practiced with a lot of patience and concentration.

All you need is a willingness to learn and a space as small as your office chair. These are simple exercises and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The best part is, even if you are not able to work out or play any sport, KYK Basic Exercises provide all necessary movements required for the muscles, joints and body as a whole, thereby improving every aspect of your health from inside out.

KYK Basic Exercises are time tested and inspired from the ancient martial art of ‘Kalari Murai’ from India. That means it has been practiced by the ancient warriors before Kalari training. So this course also introduce you to the exercise tradition of the warriors of South India.

A lot of research and time has been invested in building the structure and content of this course and we request you to follow the exact sequence that is taught to get the maximum results. You could also do this as part of any other exercise or yoga program as a warm up.

This is a journey together for the next 5 days.

If you are up for it.

Let us begin the course.

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