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Orientation to the “Weigh Down Basics” Weight Loss Seminar by Gwen Shamblin – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to lose weight, keep the weight off & improve your overall mental and physical health.
  • You can stop binge eating, emotional eating, and stop yo-yo dieting.
  • Relearn how to feed the stomach only when it is truly hungry.
  • Relearn how to feed or nourish the soul with a relationship with God.
  • Relearn how to recognize the different “hunger” urges and not confuse them.
  • How to eat regular food and lose weight.
  • How to lose weight without relying on exercise.


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Welcome to Weigh Down, the pioneer of faith-based weight loss! Weigh Down, founded by Gwen Shamblin, best-selling author of The Weigh Down Diet, was established over twenty years ago, and it is the only one of its kind. It is a faith-based program that is medically sound and has withstood the test of time. Weigh Down is teaching people how to address the whole person and the root the problem of overeating; therefore, it teaches you how to end emotional eating and learn the self-control of a Thin Eater – someone who can stop in the middle of a candy bar and have no desire to eat the second half. The results are freedom from the slavery of overeating, which gives you good physical and mental health. It is right for us to take care of the body that God has given us. It is wrong to lose weight in a way that damages the body. Weigh Down helps you lose weight naturally and to lose an excessive preoccupation with body image.

This educational seminar is based on sound medical and nutritional facts. In this free Orientation, you will get a glimpse of the Weigh Down program and what to expect when the full seminar is posted here on Udemy.

Something is very different here, and it should give you much hope! The testimonies you meet on Video 6 are everyday people just like yourself; they had tried everything possible to lose weightonly to gain back even more. But they tried one more program: Weigh Down. And they have now learned the secret of how to turn to God for help on His terms. It truly makes all the difference.

Founder Gwen Shamblin is a registered dietitian with a masters degree in Biochemistry. To read her full biography visit her Instructor page.

Author(s): Gwen Shamblin

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