Tips On How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle And Never Look Back

Things you may not have ever considered – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How we view food as a baby vs now


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This is a course in which you’ll be able to understand thoroughly…

-HOW our beliefs are getting in the way

-HOW we may have acquired beliefs that are preventing us from the body we desire

-WHAT causes us as children to create a bad relationship with food

-HOW to use rewards to motivate you to do what you really want to do

-HOW to create a goal that keeps you motivated and on track

-WHAT to do to make a big goal easier to achieve

-HOW to fail, and have it empower you to keep going

-WHY your health is your biggest investment

-HOW failing is part of the process of healing

-WHY failing is actually good

-HOW your feelings matter more than anything else

-WHY it’s important to praise yourself every day

-ADDITIONAL why it’s important to praise others

You’ll discover YOU’RE NOT ALONE! You have hope and support.

What will you get from This Course?

These are 4 topics I recently recorded for my community of individuals looking for tips and tricks to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The topics are:

You were born eating normally, takes a look at some examples of how this may have changed and give you the basics to take a look back at your life and where your belief about food may have changed.

Life and meaning, takes a look what’s important in your life and thoughts on how to set out to achieve more of what you want.

Fail Gracefully, takes what often defeats many people’s programs “failure” and focuses on how to embrace it where it propels you forwards vs derailing you.

It boils down to your feelings, often diet plans focus on the actions that need to be done and after 2-6 weeks max the plan falls apart, there’s deeper greater work that needs working on, and thats our thoughts and feelings.

I am here to offer you support as well; please reach out!

Author(s): Katherine Hood

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