Purify And Balance The Water Element

Learn to Balance the Element of Water and Create Healthfulness and Vibrancy – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Balance the most important of the 5 elements: Water
  • Take charge of your health and get rid of upto 70% of your ailments
  • Learn how your attitude and presence can impact water
  • Detox naturally and at home, without ingesting obnoxious herbs.
  • Know how water is in a constant state of response and how you can use it to your benefit
  • Learn the importance of storing your drinking water in appropriate containers
  • The Secret of Implosion and how imploded water can dramatically add to the ibrancy of water
  • Learn what you can do to make water more conducie to your life process, not just for health but as a spiritual possibility


  • None whatsoever. Just a willingness to apply what you learn.


Seventy-two percent of your body is water. Another twelve percent is earth. Another six percent is air. Another four percent is fire. The remaining is space.

If you know how to keep these four elements, then your well-being, your health, your longevity, your ability to determine how long your should live and when you should leave. All these things are one hundred percent in your hands. Youll become a master of your own destiny.

If you just control the waters in the system, phenomenal things will happen. Always is a large focus on water because seventy-two percent of the body is water. You must understand this body is just a product of this planet. Seventy-two percent of the planet itself is water.

Author(s): Sadhguru : Insights and Wisdom

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