[Free] Pilates-Based 30 Minute Workout

Get your daily dose of strength, balance and flexibility in just 30 minutes! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Comprehensive 30 minute full body strength, balance and flexibility workout
  • Postural form and alignment
  • Exercising from deep core strength and intention
  • Using your breath to move through your routine


  • A desire to improve your overall wellness, including stress, strength, balance and flexibility


We all have busy lives. Sometimes it feels as though we just can’t fit in our much needed self-care. This free course is an introduction into how you can do your self-care in the comfort of your own home in just 30 minutes a day! This course is proof that there is a way to get done what needs to be done in your day!

It is imperative that we prioritize ourselves. Our health is vital. We don’t really know how important it is until it starts to change. Our life experience diminishes the more discomfort and pain we have in our day to day lives. I implore you to act now, rather that wait until you are already dealing with pain, pre-disease, or disease. It won’t be easy, but it will be so much easier if you are proactive. It is essential to develop habits and routines that will become second nature to your daily life. Soon, you will be rolling down the mountain, effortlessly living a life rich and abundant in health and wellness, but it takes desire and intention.

Wishing Wellness specializes in working with women ages 35 – 65 who are undergoing, or have undergone life changes, and are on a quest to improve their wellness. The wellness levels they have had over their lives is changing. They want to rise to the occasion, but are not sure how. I know who you are, because IAMYOU. I know that all of the wellness habits and routines that I have put in place for my life, going through changes as I have gotten older, are tried and true. We can maintain our youthfulness. We can improve our wellness. Let me show you how. Let’s do this together! There is no point in suffering any longer.

The time for wellness is now. Let’s not waste another moment.

Author(s): Inge Jacobs

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