[Free] Free Tutorial - Diabetes Owners Manual

A simple guide to living with type 2 diabetes – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding more about type 2 diabetes
  • Starting your engine – providing energy for the drive
  • Potholes & hazards – managing diabetes through illness, stress, hormonal changes etc
  • Pimp my ride – using technology for better diabetes care
  • Ready for a road trip – eating out, going on holiday
  • Time for a trade-in – knowing when your medication or management plan needs to change
  • Cars of the future – what lies ahead in diabetes management
  • The long road ahead – psychological concerns in managing a chronic disease


  • Have type 2 diabetes or know someone with type 2 diabetes!


This course offers people living with diabetes, their families and friends the opportunity to understand diabetes through the simple analogy of driving a car. It is presented with multiple graphics and unique analogies by a qualified medical practitioner with over a decade of experience in the field of diabetes. Various modules address basic forms of diabetes, food and eating, the diabetes management team, complications, new technologies and therapy options.

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